Sites That Replace YouTube, Facebook and Twitter

YouTube has been removing all the channels that expose the truth about the COVID-19 virus and hiding the damages caused by the vaccines. It has also removed many channels exposing the agenda behind the COVID-19 the globalist New World Order, one world government which is a world wide communist system that want to murder most of the worlds population. Here is a list of replacements for YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. The videos that were removed from YouTube are now on these sites.

Youtube Replacement sites:

  • brandnewtube.com
  • banned.video
  • www.brighteon.com
  • lbry.tv
  • odysee.com
  • www.bitchute.com

Facebook Replacement:

  • www.minds.com

Twitter Replacement:

  • parler.com

 Other Websites Telling The Truth:

  • druthers.net
  • vaccinechoicecanada.com
  • https://www.marktaliano.net/rocco-galati-masking-and-your-rights/

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